Kerry Lanigan/Lanigan-Coyte

Kerry is a free-lance Artist and Creative Producer with a diverse portfolio, she specializes in delivering comprehensive project content, workshop delivery and project management.  Kerry has received Arts Council Funding for her work and is involved at every stage of project delivery producing creative programme content across sectors and art forms.  As a Creative Producer she works closely with clients in the translation of briefs aiming to deliver high quality, high impact creative content, engaging with a wide audience and sustainable into the future.

”My work embraces a diversity of art forms and  I find it hard to exist in just one creative domain.  I work with all ages and all backgrounds as a community artist and use my workshop/exhibition audiences to sound out my own creative outputs.  My work focuses on engagement, fun, interaction and transformation.

I create environmental decor/installations and sculpture inspired by the natural world. The juxtaposition of manmade unnatural sculpture aping the natural world provides an ‘other worldly’, fantastical quality to my work combining storytelling and theatre with visual arts.”


You can read more about my work here –