What We Do

The Nysa Team combine their skills  and expertise to design and deliver commissions in the public domain and other project outputs. Nysa has designed and created pop up theatre sets to provide interactive workshop environments, a set of giant character puppets, colouring-in books and other publications as well as event decorations and art installations for public events.  We can be employed to transform a space and take on creative commissions to suit your requirements including paintings and murals for public spaces, backdrop design and creation, free standing pop-up decor, stage sets and puppets.

We can create temporary themed decor, art installations or more permanent artwork to transform interior and exterior spaces in homes and offices and at events and parties. Examples include set scenery, murals, bespoke lighting, digital projections and party or wedding decoration.

Hannah has already sold much of her own work and can also be commissioned to create a beautiful painting to suit the space for which it is intended. Kerry has recently completed several commissions as a more personalised development of her ‘Making love’ series.