What We Do

Nysa began when a team of Watford based Artists came together to create a regular monthly event showcasing art, music and live performance.  Our work quickly developed from delivering our own diverse events to helping other groups and individuals devise and deliver their own successful events.  Our events experience and connections have enabled us to deliver vibrant events embracing a diversity of art forms and different formats.  From Carnival to Cabaret and Festival to Exhibition an ever changing landscape.   As a diverse team of artists, with a strong background in events management our combined skills allow us to produce high quality one off events to promote individual causes and specific areas of business or large-scale community events.  Such events are generally set within public spaces targeting large and specific audiences and have seen us build floats for Carnival, programme community show case events, develop and co-ordinate a programme of public workshops and exhibitions, music events, private parties, lantern processions and festival management.  As Artists we design and create bespoke pop up decor to give an event an individual look and artistically direct the content of all creative aspects to ensure a high quality product is achieved.  We can create immersive and interactive experiences that people remember and are tailored to specific aims to produce specific outcomes.