‘Trim Tots’ is a 24-week Healthy Lifestyle Programme, tackling childhhod obesity and has been designed for 1-5 year olds and their parents or carers.  The programme has been developed by a team of child health professionals from the Institute of Child Health together with the Nysa Projects Team drawing on our experience of delivering art in health and education.  Educational art workshops and music workshops have been devised to create a comprehensive programme that provides a supportive learning environment for families and uses a creative approach to encourage a healthy lifestyle.   This project was established in 2008 and has been delivered in 3 different regions of Hertfordshire.  Children and families are measured and monitored before, during and after the project and study results show a high success rate.

In ‘Trim Tot’s, art workshops are used to explore healthy eating and activity.  Families are introduced to the concept of ‘Planet Munch’, a fantasy land that is home to ‘Trim Town’ and ‘The Roots’ where the colourful ‘Trim Tots’ characters live.  ‘Planet Munch’ and its characters are used throughout the programme, employing a practical and visual approach to convey important nutrition activity, and health messages.

Nysa Artists have designed and created a bespoke learning environment for the Institute of Child Health including the Welcome to Planet Munch soundtrack, life-sized soft character puppets and props.  Our beautiful backdrops have been designed to help with story telling, provide our back stage area and an element of theatre.