‘Nysa has made a considerable contribution to the Arts in Watford for over 10 years.  Nysa successfully established our only community arts cafe and have continued to work and develop strong links in the artistic community helping to raise the profile of the arts in Watford.’

Dorothy Thornhill MBE
Elected Mayor of Watford


‘The design team at Nysa have fed the creative content of Trim Tots healthy lifestyle programme and provided us with a fun and interactive way in which to convey our science.  Trim Tots is one of the few evidenced based interventions for the prevention and treatment of obesity, that is community based and targets the whole family to improve lifestyles and health.  Nysa has helped to develop a robust educational programme, embellished with inspirational art and music which has so far shown great results.  We look forward to working with them in the future…’

Professor of Paediatric Nutrition and Director of the Childhood Nutrition Research Centre at UCL Institute of Child Health.


Hannah and Kerry provided huge amounts of enthusiasm, energy and creativity during the preparation for the educational event hosted by Ordovas and during the event itself. It was the first time that the gallery had hosted an event of this nature and therefore Hannah and Kerry’s experience was of great value plus they also took on board the gallery’s very specific requirements and so tailored their plans to suit our exact needs. Their ideas and planning ensured that the event ran very smoothly and that children, parents and gallery staff had a wonderfully fun time whilst also engaging in an informative and thought provoking range of activities. I look forward to the opportunity of working with Nysa Projects again in the future.

Ordovas Gallery