Studio Work

Easter Holidays, Spring has sprung and the creative juices are flowing..

A good few days of sun and time to catch up with creative friends.  Egg-rolling in Somerset, Tales of Herb inspired puppet shows developing in Brighton and Hannah busy working on a new series…

This Easter I have been working around the children which means I am certainly not as productive on the work front, took the kids to the studio yesterday, never sure whether to cross the streams of parenting and creative work space!  It went like this; we arrived, they sat on a few pieces of work in progess, had a waterfight outside, left me finishing their artwork, eventually caved in and came up with some great creations.  Kids are always great to work with and never fail to come up with innovative uses of tools and materials, they were absolutely delighted to have their first go at using glue guns and found a novel way of propelling art with the use of a hairdryer!    All in all a good day out but the studio is certainly messier than it was a the beginning of the holidays.


Recycled Flowers, a beginning..Kids Recycled ArtKids Art