Make a Recycled Moon Man with Grethe Mangala Jensen

Make a Recycled Moon Man and Zoom to the Moon with Grethe.

Grethe Mangala Jensen is one of our puppeteers at Planet Munch she can usually be found hanging out with Chick Pea at the Pulse Dance Studio, Butternut Posh at the Five-a-day Jazz Cafe and Aunty Apple in the Golden Delicious.

Chick Pea makes the most of isolation.

Aunty Apple get's cooking in Bushey Rose Gardens.

Allo, allo, allo it’s Aunty Apple!

Grethe is a fantastic storyteller and spends her time sharing, writing and performing stories wherever she can with her work at Sandal Sticks Theatre

Grethe has prepared a making video to create Moon Men using recycled materials or old wool and yarn found around the house.

We hope you enjoy making your puppet characters and look forward to seeing your creations.