Savour the Flavour – Fresher than Cousin Carrots latest pickings.

Savour the Flavour – Planet Munch – Musical Puppet Show

‘Fresher than Cousin Carrots latest picking.’

Big THANKS to all who took the time to apply to Planet Munch.

We are awestruck by the quality of work and warmed to read about amazing socially engaged artists’ working across communities. Applications showed how much artists and the sector contribute to tackling social issues and the perpetual dedication to initiate change whilst promoting equality and inclusion.

The arts play an important role in developing programmes of community engagement, tackling social issues and provide inspirational support to both care and education. Many artists work at reduced rates or contribute time and expertise at no cost to ensure great work happens. This work needs to be recognised and we need to ensure that artists, often working solo, are provided with the necessary support and remuneration to continue to create in this way.

The nature of funding sees artists spending months preparing applications to support projects that may never come to be, preparing for auditions that are rarely successful and writing applications to pitches that you may never even hear back from. This time is unpaid. The solo artists are pitched against the larger organisation and a freelance career quickly becomes an unsustainable pathway.

We really appreciate all applications we received. If anyone reading this ever needs a listening ear with a funding application please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are happy to lend advice and support, as a connected community we can work to inform new ways of working the arts.

‘He’s pink and he’s spicy, he goes in salads quite nicely.’

After some time back on the puppets Ronny Radish is ready to hit the stage and Omega Always the Mermaid is almost ready for her first dip.

We can’t wait to get the team back together and big thanks to our friends at Electric Umbrella for providing rehearsal space at the Emporium in Hemel Hempstead. We are looking forward to working in Hemel Hempstead for the first time and catching up with old friends across Hertfordshire.

It’s all about the right ingredients.

Our friends at Herts Libraries have programmed our tour and we can’t wait to Savour the Flavour of each different locality across the county.

NYSA Productions presents – Planet Munch – Where every mealtime is a song and a dance!

Welcome to a world of beatboxing greens, hula-hooping fruit, and the colourful residents of the Five-a-DayJazz Club and Pulse dance studio. Featuring life-size puppets, an original soundtrack and loads of audience participation, Planet Munch is a delicious blend of playful musical theatre and inventive storytelling, with a healthy message about eating well and living together at its core. Created for children of primary school age, Planet Munch is a flavoursome puppetry treat for the whole family.


Recommended Age:           5+ (pre-schoolers welcomed)

It’s time to groove in the Roots at the following locations..

Tuesday 30 May at 2.00pm Borehamwood Library
Wednesday 31 May at 11.00am Letchworth Library
Thursday 1 June at 11.00am Oxhey Library
Thursday 1 June at 2.30pm Hemel Hempstead Library
Friday 2 June at 11.00am Cheshunt Library
Friday 2 June at 2.30pm Hatfield Library

Thanks to Bekah, Ros and the team at Hertfordshire Libraries for excellent programming.

Find a link to tickets here..

We are so pleased that we will be working with Chaulden Infants to develop creative workshop content inspired by the show. Thanks for working with us Chaulden Infants, we are pleased to be working close to home and big thanks to Annie Smith at Dacorum for organising.

We are available to perform in schools, at events and can deliver workshops inspired by show content. Relaxed performances are available for those who might require a more relaxed environment.

If you are interested in working with us, please get in touch.

Big Green Love from all at Planet Munch.

PLANET MUNCH is very well suited to curriculum-based expressive arts, science and PSHE activities at Foundation and Key Stage 1 and 2 levels. The themes of the show directly serve to support national programmes to encourage healthy eating, wellbeing and active lifestyles.


Thank you for coming to our school and showing us the puppets.  I loved the dancing and singing but what I mostly enjoyed was meeting all those different puppets.

 My favourite part is all the teamwork and friendship to help each other and that is what friends are for.  This is the best puppet show I have ever seen. 

 I appreciate your coming on to our school and teaching us more about our 5-a-Day and to eat more healthy.  I’m very happy because that was my first puppet show ever!!!

Their grown ups.

 Brilliant, very funny especially Chick Pea!!

 Such a fun and inspiring show!  The kids really enjoyed it and are already asking for veg for dinner.  Great show.

 So fantastic to watch, so colourful, funny, clever and the puppets were beautiful – so pleased we came to watch – more please!!

 ‘Keep up the good work, singing dancing and laughter

These ingredients must lead to happy ever after…’

Big thanks to UCL GOSH Institute of Child Health for support.

Generously supported by Arts Council England


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