I’m Chick Pea Come and Dance with me.

Shake, make and dance session.

Welcome to the Pulse Dance Studio where Chick Pea spends her time sharing her favourite dance routines and making batches of her World famous Houmous.

Chick Pea’s houmous is a favourite on the menu at The Golden Delicious Cafe and she has been busy making lots ready for table service and take away.

Chick peas’ and other pulses are a great source of protein and iron; perfect to support muscle repair after a hard day dancing.

These videos are a new experiment for Chick Pea. She has worked with team Planet Munch to produce a shaker make session and a dance video to share her moves and keep us active through lockdown.

Please enjoy our shaker maker session.

You will need to:

Find something to make your shaker; a plastic cup, old yoghurt pot, houmous pot or an old loo roll should do the trick.

Some beans, rice or pulses for shaking.

Tape to hold it all together.

Pens, paints shredded fabric and plastic bags for decoration.

Learn to make a shaker.

Got the lockdown blues, put on your dancing shoes and show us your moves.

Get into the Chick Pea groove and send us a film of your moves

Learn to Dance with Chick Pea at The Pulse

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