Merry Munchmas – Make a Christmas Cracker – Time for some jokes.

Joke: Why was the snowman looking through the box of carrots?

Join Angie Mack in this fabulous session and learn how to make home-made Christmas crackers for the big day.

It’s a cracker.

These crackers are made using household items, biodegradable materials and are as earth friendly as possible.

For this session you will need:

Toilet rolls, scrap paper, string, scissors, pens, craft knife, tape, old wrapping paper and some shiny toys and ornaments.

The best thing about the crackers is you can wow visitors with your own jokes. Why not make some up, get everyone involved and have fun and share your pictures with us on social media. We hope you enjoy our Munchmas Series of Festive Makes. Merry Munchmas from all at Planet Munch.

Angie loves making up jokes and loves warming up the crowd with her fruit and veggie jokes before Planet Munch puppet show. Angie also loves a laugh during her street shows.

Angie has had a pretty busy lockdown year, her first lockdown project was the making of ‘Findy Lauper, backing singer for the band, beautiful fish puppet for Planet Munch.

In other work she has co-created a digital circus show with lots of movie special effects for an online cabaret, taken on a new part time job with an amazing charity Bridges for Communities who work with refugees and asylum seekers. Angie’s role is to manage their craft collective group and make tonnes of face masks.  Angie was lucky enough to go to Germany and perform her street show with a real live audience and then again to Denmark. Finally with the hope that she may actually make it out for Christmas in December Angie finished a long time ongoing project ’The Wish Fairy’, a walkabout character with a fully programmed light up costume with reactive lights and sound effects for every wish she collects, Wish Fairy puts in an appearance in our poetry piece, The Night Before Munchmas,’ coming soon to our YouTube Channel.

Wish Fairy
Wish Fairy appears in the Night Before Munchmas.

Angie’s true constant throughout the year has been Planet Munch, starting with Findy Lauper Angie has enjoyed meeting online on a regular basis to devise online content, making dance and crafting videos and building the show for the future, most imminently ‘The Christmas Special’ – Munchmas.

And the answer to the Joke!!

A. Because he was picking his nose!!

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