Naturally inspired arts practice and preparation for arts development UK conference.

Washed up dreams..

As summer slips away with river banks and seaside adventure, water is fresh in the mind and it’s back to the studio to finish the ever-growing Ocean Series.    I have been tinkering with an ocean series for many years, addicted to the recreation of one particular oceanic shape, criticised by many as, ‘not really a wave,’  I have used this form in my pieces again and again.  The first of which being when I opened Café  ChaChaCha in Cassiobury Park, I created a seaside inspired bar.  An operation in bringing a glimmer of the ocean to Cassiobury Park,  I jigged out my favoured wave-esque shape and clad the curvature of the counter top with collected sea-shells and mirror work, bringing the ocean in.

Ocean series working

It wasn’t until a few yearsago when looking at my feet at the point at which the ocean met the shore that I observed and recognised the shape imprinted in the sand by the receding water, as the one that I had been painting and jig-sawing for years.  Our subconscious holds information that we have yet to recognise or consciously process but forms our actions and in this case informs our creative output.

Inspired by the lapping ocean and observing Hannah’s fixation with woodland light, our practice will be drawing the outdoors in to see us though the winter months.  Hannah has persuaded me to join her in an open-water swim planned for next year; this and weekend, woodland walking should help to support our respective creative practice.

Washed up dreams..

On an Arts Developmental note we are very glad to have been selected to speak at this year’s Arts Development UK conference to present our recent Arts in Health success.  Our talk explores the role of arts activities as an educational tool to deliver important healthy life-style messages.  We will review the data from Trim Tots Health Lifestyle Programme, partnered by the Institute of Child Health, and delivered to children and their carers in Children Centres across Hertfordshire.

Our presentation will include discussion around what is possible when art and science collide and present the next step on Trim Tots creative journey, the development of ‘Planet Munch’ a musical puppet show of which I will be writing more in the future…

To find out more about the conference and book a place…

Even the puppets are looking forward to it!

Peachy Puppet.

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