Creative fun with food-Hummus and Veggie Faces

Healthy Snacks – Savour the Flavour – Join the lovely Kate Powell – lead puppeteer at Planet Munch as she creates delicious treats and edible works of art in her narrow boat kitchen.


In this video Kate teaches us how to make a simple tasty hummus and creates funky veggie faces from her dipping veg.

In week 3 at Trim Tots Healthy Lifestyle Sessions we learn how protein and iron, play an important role in growth and muscle repair. Beans, chick peas and pluses are a good vegetarian source of iron and should be eaten with vitamin C (eg.fruit and vegetables) to help our bodies absorb iron.

Planet Munch Healthy Lifestyle

Lovely lentils and chick peas packed with protein and iron – Nutritions and of course absolutely delicious


For this recipe you will need:

A tin of Chick Peas

A pinch of salt

Garlic clove

Lemon juice Tahini – if available

Olive oil



Kate is a versatile puppeteer and can be found behind many of the puppets at Planet Munch, she is also a talented maker with her own company. Kate is a theatre facilitator and puppet practitioner whose work focuses on the education and liberation of creativity and empathy within communities.

Kate believes in using her skills in Drama and Puppetry to help us understand ourselves, our connections and our communities. Follow Kate on socail media  twitter, instagram @powellpuppets

Have fun experimenting and create lots fo different characters, Kate even makes hers talk, not surprising from a puppeteer.

Thanks to partners @ArtsCouncilEngland @hertslibraries @UCLchildhealth


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