Fun Things to do Indoors – Make a Greedy Spaghetti Troll – Creative Makes from Houshold Waste

Make a Greedy Spaghetti Troll with Grethe Mangala Jensen of Sandalsticks Theatre.

Follow Grethe in her stup by step video to make a Spaghetting Troll.

You will need –

Cardboard, pens, a round template (a bowl for example), knitting needle, pencils/pens, scraps for hair and some cooked spaghetting for eating, yummy!!

Step 1 – Raid the rubbish for some cardboard and set up your making space.

Step 2 – Draw around your template.

Step 2 – Cut out your shape.

Step 3 – Draw a face and add hair.

Step 4 – Use a needle or a pencil to make hols in the mouth.

Spaghetti Trolls with Grethe Mangala Jensen.

Finally feed your greedy troll lots of Spaghetti, don’t forget to name your troll and send us some pictures Nysa Projects Twitter

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Grethe’s handwashing song.

Have fun!

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