Recycled Rubbish Reef – Join Tutzy as he raids the rubbish to create a fishy sea-scape.

Use an old box or piece of card as a canvass and build a reef out of the recycling.

You will need Scissors, glue, paint brushes and paints. Cardboard, she boxes, tea boxes, cereal boxes etc.

Reef materials, any kind of sparkly wrapping, milk bottle tops, beer lids, old paintings that you are happy to cut up and collage, sticks, dried petals, tin foil, shells and anything else you think might look good.

Follow the steps in the video and send us your photos on facebook and twitter @nysaprojects Good Luck and have fun!!

Step 1 – Raid the rubbish for some good materials


Step 2 – Collage or paint your box – We used an old shoe box but a serial box, old pizza box or a flat piece of an old box would do just as well

Step 3 – Use a round object to draw around, draw and cut out some fish or other sea creatures



Step 4 – Paint and decorate your fish and other oceanic characters.


Step 5 – Paint over with a layer of glue and leav to dry

Step 6 – Stand back and enjoy your work, take picture and send it to a friend.


Most of all have fun!!

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