Captured Touring exhibition goes to Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Trust

On Sunday 27th January 2013, we took our touring exhibition ‘Captured’ to Royal Brompton Hospital, Sydney Street, London. It will on display here in the main visitors cafe until March 15th, 2013. The exhibition has already been shown at Harefield Hospital in the summer 2012, some pictures from this are featured below. We will let you know where we plan to take it next….

If you have any ideas of suitable exhibition venues for this touring exhibition, please contact us!



Hannah Blunden

Captured Light Paintings

These new paintings are inspired by movement and light within the landscape and have all been completed specifically for this exhibition. I usually work mainly in painting, photography and film, exploring images and experiences that are transient and difficult to grasp hold of or pin down. I find them everyday within the surrounding landscape and the realms of memory, often just a trace of something, a movement, a moment, a glimpse, appearing and fading away. Images from a recurring dream, light reflecting on a wall or dazzling through a space, a landscape that flashes past a train window; time, movement, light and disintegration connect them.



Kerry Lanigan

Captured Sculpture


Working with copper and found items to create pieces that are a joy to make.  Following the form inherent in the wire as it twists and turns, twisting in found items in keeping with the theme of each piece.  The ‘Making Love’ series explores and presents the love of making things, sometimes through creative endeavour you stumble upon pieces and materials that simply work, an array of themed hearts for exhibition at Harefield Heart Hospital looking at the heart as an organ and the role of the heart in literature and language when conveying love and emotion.
For more information about the Arts Programme at Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Trust please visit: or

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