My Story, your story, our stories – Share your stories of adolescent experiences (up to 1000 words) to become part of Herts Memories Archive.

Call for stories –  My Story – Arts Council Funded – Herts Libraries Co-Create.

Do you have a story based on your experiences as an adolescent?  See your story transformed into a work of art or join the team. My Story, explores & presents experiences of the tumultuous time that is adolescence.

Artists, Libraries and the Community are working together to create a body of work to be presented at a series of My Story Events.

You are invited to submit stories, for more information follow the link below

Be part of this story as it unfolds..

All stories will be added to Herts Memories and other digital platforms, with blogs, pictures and videos available to be enjoyed by immediate audiences & future generations.

There is also the opportunity to join the production team and gain experience in producing public events working with Artists in creative sessions to explore art forms including, song-writing, storytelling, drama, music, visual arts and film-making.

Interested in working on the project, read more here

My Story – Workshop details

Or send your details including a contact number to


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