Fun things to do indoors – Make your own juggling balls – Creative Makes from Household Waste and other items

Creative Makes from Waste and other Household Items.

Make your own juggling balls with Angie Mack, Fantastic Hula Hooper and Anton Mackman one of the hilarious 2 Men

Angie has taught Peachy all the hooping tricks she knows and is hoop-ful she will back out touring with Planet Munch soon, she misses the Orchard and of course Peachy too.

Peachy hopes her next attempt won't be entirely hoopless!


Anton will be teaching us how to juggle in our next session, looking froward to that one.

Good Luck and have fun!

Planet Munch Musical Puppet Show

It’s a yes from Peachy.

Music credit Bensound big thanks.

A big thanks too to Tom Knowland our fantastic technician and all round innovator who has created juggling balls using old socks, follow the video to make your own juggling balls with odd socks just in case you dont have any balloons at home. Come on every body get making, making.

Have Fun.

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