Fun things to make with the kids using household waste – It’s time to start collecting.

Waste Not Want Not – Creative Makes From Household Waste and natural resources.

Staying in doors can be hard work at the best of times, challenging for kids grown ups alike. With this in mind and as we are all working remotely we plan to share some of our creative sessions to take the edge off the boredom.

It’s time to start collecting.

Things to make with kids using natural resources

When you are out walking, collect leaves, bark, stones and any other objects you can find.

Dry any flowers and leaves  by pressing them in between books or placing them next to a radiator.  These materials can be used for lots of creations and the collecting is an activity in itself.

Materials to keep hold of.

Creative makes from household waste

Bottle tops, jars, boxes, cereal packets, pizza boxes, egg boxes, chocolate/sweet wrappers, old fabric, clothing, newspapers, old jewellery, string, bubble wrap, shoeboxes, corks and anything you think you might put to good use.

Other things you will need that you might have around the house.

Scissors, PVA glue, masking tape, paint, wool, string, fishing wire.

Whilst getting your kit together.  Why not go for a walk and see what you can make with the bits and pieces you find as you  walk, pile some pebbles, make a stick structure, a leaf collage, take a picture and share it with us @nysaprojects or send it to your friends.

It would be great if you can share any ideas with us too.


Creative sessions to come 

We will be working together to provide recycled art sessions to create.

Flower Mobiles.

Natural Art

Rubbish Reef – Fishy Seascapes

Corking Characters

Mini Me’s

Shoe Box Houses

This should get us started.

Recycled Fish Scene

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