I do believe I unicorns I do!

A wizardly production from wizard presents….

I do believe in Unicorns

We were lucky enough this last advent season to have the opportunity to watch Wizard presents one woman show, ‘I do believe in unicorns’.    Intrigued by this Michael Morpurgo adaptation and the work of the company I had tried to book tickets in the October half term.  The show was performed in libraries across Hertfordshire, and completely sold out!  I was very disappointed but absolutely delighted when I discovered that the show was to be performed at the Steiner School Advent Fair due to commence just after my fairy shift in the Santa’s Grotto!  This time I swooped on tickets and it looked like many others did the same.  The Festive mood was upon us, the atmosphere in the theatre alive with warmth, interaction and anticipation.  We were met by our smiling storyteller and directed to our seats. We were warmly received, a willing smile to meet and greet the excited audience ensured we felt part of the production from the onset.

I do believe in Unicorns

Happily seated and merrily engaged our storyteller introduced herself and so our story began…  Transported to a village between the mountains we explored life in a small community and the world of books and reading.  The story was spun with additional stories along the way.  A story within a story, at one point we, the audience became part of the process and story builders ourselves.  The children were delighted to contribute suggesting pink pigs, lions and boats among others.  Our storyteller Danyah artfully wove contributions into her tale to the delight of all involved.  The Theatre was aglow as was Danyah, we were treated to an Artist at work not just in performance but in immediate creative process.


And so back to the story, the story explored the challenges of reading the love of books and the importance of libraries as spaces for interaction and preservation of our cultural heritage through books.  The books themselves were the heart of the set our storyteller surrounded by piles of hardbacks cleverly encasing props within them.  An exquisitely, simple and wonderfully appropriate set ‘twas a delight to watch Danyah bravely scale a pile of books to gasps of delight.  My 7 year-old daughter a week or so after the production was still talking about it. ‘Can you remember that play mummy?  It was funny wasn’t it, can you remember when she drank the milk?  ‘Yes I can,’ I replied ‘it made me laugh?’


A production that was enjoyed by all the family I wish Wizard presents all the best for their tour and look forward to seeing them in Brighton.


For full tour details follow this link..


I believe in unicorns tour dates



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