Planet Munch – Savour the Flavour – A tasty puppety treat for whole family.

So here we are 3 years after writing and developing our Musical Puppet Show Planet Munch and we are ready to take the next step on our musical adventure. We have new songs, new moves and can’t wait to get going. We aim to develop a new model of creative engagement along the way and are looking for new partners to work with.

Musical puppet show children's theatre

When last touring we performed in Libraries, Public Spaces and Schools. All Library shows were played to sell out audiences, they weren’t the quietest of spaces once we kicked off with our all singing all dancing musical extravaganza, even the reference section joined in. We received excellent feedback from audiences but we particularly liked a bumper pack of feedback received from Years 2-5 in school. The feedback letters were beautifully illustrated with comments conveying the message of our story. We were however, sad to read that in many instances Planet Munch was the first show the children had ever seen and the first time many students had ever had the chance to meet a puppet close up.

It is with this in mind that we aim to devise a new model of engagement working in partnership with schools and venues to ensure that artistic opportunity and theatre is made available to a wider audience. Our background in participation and art in education has led us in this direction and we are currently working on funding applications to support this work. We aim to offer lead in creative workshops in schools and, where possible, invite participating school children to enjoy a subsidised performance at a local host venue. We are aware that often Theatre visits are an unaffordable luxury for schools and students miss out on the enjoyment and excitement offered by visiting a professional venue.


So far we have some partners on board and plan to hit the road in the gardening season. It’s Spring to Harvest Festival Tour 2018/19 for our vegetable friends, hope to see you somewhere out there..


We are looking for


Partners in host venues.



If you feel you have something to bring to the table and are interested in working with us please get in touch..



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